Devinee Overton-Morgan

Devinee Overton-Morgan has lived in Florida since she was two weeks old and has seen many changes in the Real Estate landscape. Her years of local knowledge and experience are indispensable. She is of Cuban and German descent and is bilingual in Spanish and English. 

Devinee is a member of the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association, which adhere to the REALTOR® code of ethics, and the National Association of Residential Property Managers.


Devinee obtained an AA degree with Honors from Valencia Community College. Shortly after, she embarked on Masters Commission, a committed 9 month discipleship program through Faith Assembly Church, which included college bible courses, serving the local church as well as various ministries based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and visiting France, Sweden, Belgium and Scotland.

What Devinee considers her greatest achievement, while in Denmark, was working with a group called ROCK (Reaching Our City Kids) which partnered with schools and Community Youth Clubs and advocated to the local youth about important social issues. Her exposure to different cultures helps her relate and assist people from various backgrounds and beliefs. This extended mission’s trip gave Devinee a heart for missions work and together, Devinee and Oliver consider it a priority to support various national and international missions work, and charities such as World Vision and Holt International on a consistent financial basis.


When not at work, Devinee spends time with her husband, Oliver and their two children. She enjoys traveling, camping, and family friendly activities. They are active members of Faith Assembly Church in Orlando, Florida.