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Americans’ Powerful Belief in Homeownership being an Investment

The Federal Reserve Bank (The Fed) lately released their opens in a new window 2019  Survey of Consumer Expectations Casing Survey . The survey documented that 65% of Americans think homeownership is a good financial investment. Given that 2014, the percentage has increased by over nine percent. Americans' Powerful Belief in Homeownership as an Investment | Simplifying The Market The Fed’s survey also showed that when the results are broken down by age, training, income, or region of the country, more than 55% of Americans in each category see homeownership as a good investment.

This particular coincides with a recent opens in a new window Gallup study of Americans which revealed that real estate was their own number one choice for the best long-term investment when compared to stocks, savings accounts or gold.

Bottom Line

Americans’ perception in residential real estate as a great financial investment continues to grow as the housing business returns to normalcy.

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