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December 2019: {THE CUSTOMER} Stakes Are {Higher|Large|Substantial|Excessive|Great} Because Inventory Is {Lower|Reduced|Minimal|Very low}

December 2019: {THE CUSTOMER} Stakes Are {Higher|Large|Substantial|Excessive|Great} Because Inventory Is {Lower|Reduced|Minimal|Very low}

The {fact|actuality|truth|simple fact|certainty} of what we’re seeing this {30 days|calendar month} is that {houses|residences|properties} are selling fast. {In today’s strong {vendor}’s market,|In strong seller’s {marketplace|industry} today’s,} bidding wars {are normal} and expected with starter or entry-level homes.<{period} id="more-41376">

In most {regions of} {the united states}, first-time buyers {have already been} met with fierce {competitors|opposition} throughout their homebuying {encounter|knowledge|expertise}. {Some {have already been} out-bid multiple {occasions|periods|instances|moments|situations} before finally {entering} contract on {a house} to call {their very own}.|Some {have already been} out-bid multiple times {prior to going} into contract on {a house} to call {their very own} finally.}

Right now, inventory {may be the} big {problem|obstacle|concern|difficult task|task}. Here’s what {we realize} today:

{In accordance|Based|Relating|In respect|Regarding} to the {most recent|newest|most current|most up-to-date|hottest} Existing Home Sales Report from {the particular|typically the} {Nationwide|Countrywide} Association of Realtors (NAR), {{there’s} currently a 3.|{there exists a|you will find a} 3 currently.}9-month supply of {virginia homes}, {{that may} drive {this type of|this sort of} hefty buyer competition.|{that may} drive {this kind} or {sort of} hefty buyer competition.} Remember, anything {significantly less than} {six months} of inventory {is really a} seller’s market.


Even {although} month’s {way to obtain} inventory {isn’t} increasing,|though the {30 days|calendar month}’s {way to obtain} inventory {isn’t} increasing

Even,} ironically, {{the amount of|the quantity of} {virginia homes} is.|the true {amount of} {virginia homes} is.} {This implies} homes are {approaching} {on the market}, but they’re {for sale} {rapidly|swiftly}. The graph below {displays|exhibits|indicates|demonstrates|reveals} the year-over-{12 months|yr|season|calendar year} change in {stock} {during the last} 12 {weeks|a few months|several weeks|many months|several months}.December 2019: {THE CUSTOMER} Stakes Are High Because Inventory Is Low | Simplifying {THE MARKETPLACE}As depicted {over|previously mentioned}, the percentage of {obtainable|accessible|offered|readily available} {stock} has fallen for {4|several} consecutive months {in comparison with} {the prior} year.

So, what {will|really does|truly does} this mean? If you’re a <{solid|sturdy|robust|tough|good}>buyer, {make sure to|make sure you} get pre-{authorized|accepted|permitted} for {a home loan} and be {prepared to} {create a} competitive offer, {{so that you can|to help you|in order to} move quickly.|{so that you can|to help you|in order to} quickly move.} {It’s likely that}, {homes {on top of} your wish list {tend} {likely to} go fast.|homes {on top of} your wish list {are likely to} go fast likely.}

Bottom Line


If you’re {thinking about} buying a home,|

If you’re {thinking about} {investing in a} true home,} {make certain} you’re taking {the proper} steps {at the start} of the process, {so you’re {a high} contender {in the event that you} ultimately {end up} in a bidding {battle}.|so you’re {a high} contender {when you are} in a bidding war {eventually|in the end|finally|inevitably|in the long run}.} Let’s get {with each other|collectively|jointly|along} to discuss {what you should|what you ought to|what you must} do {to create} your {proceed|shift|maneuver|transfer|approach} toward homeownership.

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