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Exactly what Experts are Saying About the Current Housing business

We’re halfway with the year, and with a decline within interest rates as well as home price and wage appreciation, many are wondering what the experts predict for the second half 2019.

Here’s what some say:

Danielle Hale, Main Economist at realtor. com opens VIDEO file

“Lower mortgage rates, higher wages and more homes for sale have helped counteract rising home prices, and ultimately, managed to get so that buyers are able to afford more than last year. ”

“Our outlook implies 4% growth for the remaining months of the year, predicated on…more supply compared to last year, the decline in home loan rates, moderating home price appreciation and improving affordability. ”

Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at NAR

“Rates of 4% and, in some cases even lower, create extremely attractive conditions for consumers. Buyers, for good reason, are anxious to purchase and lock in at these prices. ”

Doug Duncan, Chief Economist intended for Fannie Mae

“Moderating home price appreciation plus attractive mortgage rates continue to support affordability, particularly as home contractors are now paying more attention to the entry-level portion of the housing market. ”

Kaycee Miller in a Realtor Magazine post

“At the moment, some observers recommend the housing market is indeed headed for a slowdown. But no need to panic — experts say the financial plus economic factors that were in enjoy during the big crash a decade ago do not exist today. ”

Main point here

The housing industry will be stronger for the rest of 2019. When you’d like to know more about your particular market, let’s get together to discuss what’s happening in our area.

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