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Holiday Travel Advice from Orlando Property Manager

Holiday Travel Advice from Orlando Property Manager

Oliver Overton-Morgan with Morgan Property Solutions is a property manager with over 14 years experience. Here are his tips for your home when traveling over the holidays.

The last thing you want if you’re traveling is to worry about someone burglarizing your home. Use this checklist to add some peace of mind while you’re out of town.15632491-250.jpg

  • Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to pick up mail, newspaper and keep yard picked up to avoid an appearance of being empty.
  • Consider discontinuing your mail (USPS Hold Mail Service)
  • Don’t post about your trip on Facebook and other social media until you return – some burglars actually look for this type of announcement to schedule their activities.
  • Do notify police or neighborhood watch – especially if you’re going to be gone for more than a few days. Let your alarm monitoring service know when you’ll be gone and if someone will be checking on your home for you.
  • Light timers make it look like someone is home – use several sets for different times to better simulate someone being at home.
  • Do unplug certain appliances – TV, computers, toaster ovens that use electricity even when they’re off and to protect them from power surges.
  • Don’t use the “hide a key” – burglars know where to look for your key and it only takes them a moment to check under the mat, above the door, in the flower pot or in a fake rock.

These easy-to-handle suggestions may protect your belongings while you’re gone while adding a level of serenity to your trip.

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