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Measuring Square Footage

Square footage is commonly used to determine if a home will fit a potential buyer’s needs.   The price per square foot may be used to compare the costs of different homes as well as, determine the value of a property.

The challenge is what is the source of the particular square footage measurement and how has been it done.

Region records use square footage to find out assessed value for property taxes purposes.   They are assumed to be reliable yet there can be inaccuracies in their tax comes.   One more source of square footage could be through the house plans but the problem there is that the builder may have made modifications, or a subsequent owner could have produced additions.

Appraisers are required to measure the home to determine square video and they generally, adhere to a standard technique which leads to uniformity in the industry.   The ANSI, American National Standards Institute, guidelines are considered the standard but there are no laws governing the process.

Because basements are below grade level, regardless of whether they are finished, they are typically not counted toward major living area.   Attics because they are above grade level can be included in gross residing area if they are finished to the exact same standard as the rest of the home plus they meet the minimum height requirement of seven feet.

Unfinished locations are usually not considered in the square video because it is not livable.

For detached properties, it is common in order to measure the perimeter of the house but to include the living areas, not porches, patios or garages.   Gross living region includes stairways, hallways, closets along with minimum height and bathrooms.   Covered, enclosed porches would only be considered when they use the same heating system as the home.

By contrast, condominiums, usually measure the inside area of the unit. Some appraisers may add six ins to account for the wall width.   In case you were to compare the total of the indoor room measurements of a detached house, it would be far less than the stated square footage using the normal method.

If the county records are usually significantly different from the appraisal or maybe the plans, it will be necessary to determine which one is more accurate.   This may require getting the house measured by an appraiser which should be less than paying for a complete evaluation.

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