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 First impressions make a huge impact! 

 If you are about to list your home with a Realtor® or property management Company, once it goes on the market it becomes a product. Home Styling or “Staging” allows you to highlight the best of your home and de-emphasize its flaws. It’s not about decorating, but turning your home into a model to appeal to the broadest range of prospective buyers. The goal is to make the most amount of people feel like they could live there, and the best way to do this is to “neutralize” the surroundings.




bedroom cluttered bedroom uncluttered


cluttered and dark room uncluttered and light room

Try out these helpful styling tips we have compiled from home stagers and real estate pros – things you can do for little or no expense to put your home in prime showing shape, in order to command huge interest and maximum return.

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