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Routine Maintenance Advice

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These Tips will keep your Home energy-efficient and in good order. The following checklist will help you to preserve and protect your Home and appliances. Orlando property Manager Morgan Property Solutions recommends you should perform a full maintenance checkup at least twice a year, i.e. Spring and Fall.

A/C filters

Replace A/C filters monthly (or rinse washable filters) and remove debris around the inside system. Use a good quality air filter that you cannot see through. Pour a cupful of vinegar down the drain line or in the drain pan to flush away and prevent build up of mold and mildew. Wipe off any accumulated dust, mildew and grime around the A/C unit and make sure that you clean all vents. If the vents are dirty this typically means you have an improperly installed or dirty filter.

A/C Evaporator Coil

If you are experiencing reduced air flow from your Home’s air vents, or notice water buildup around the base of you’re A/C unit at times, you could have a dirty evaporator coil. The coil sits either on the top or bottom of the inside A/C unit. Dirty coils are most often caused by dirty, missing or poorly fitted filters. The coil must be removed and thoroughly cleaned by an HVAC professional.

A/C Compressor

Remove any debris or foliage smothering the outside unit of the A/C system that may prevent the smooth passage of air. Ensure that the pipe insulations are attached and in good condition.


Remove mold/mildew from bathrooms completely. Patch holes in bathroom caulking or re-caulk if necessary. Clean grout on tiling and repair if necessary. Include sinks, tubs and windows.


Run water on all sinks & faucets to check for leaks (look under the sinks). Check the hose connections behind the washer. Add baking soda to garbage disposal to keep clear and dirt free.


Thoroughly clean the freezer/refrigerator inside and out. Don’t forget to clean the drip pan (usually at the bottom or underneath the fridge). Seals and gaskets must be cleaned thoroughly as well. (Replaced if necessary). Poorly sealing door gaskets can cause the compressors to overwork and burn up. These should be cleaned but not lubricated.


Run the dishwasher with vinegar to remove residue and check for leaks. Clean the filter and lubricate or replace seals. Check the dishwasher rack for any scratches or places where the coating may be missing and replace. Applying a sealant to a dish washer rack may not hold. The sealant would end up in an orifice or pump. It’s better to leave alone or replace the rack than replace the machine.


Clean the stove burners with a degreaser and if gas test them to ensure they are not clogged. Use the same degreaser to clean the hood, oven and surface area.


Dryer vent cleaning before and after, remove lint and other debris from the clothes dryer filter and vents after every single use. If not, highly flammable lint can build up inside the vent and will need to be cleaned with a dryer vent brush.

Pressure wash

Pressure wash the exterior of the Home, including balconies, pool deck, driveways and walking paths to keep clean and clear of dirt and mildew.

Weather stripping

Check and replace if necessary weather stripping around all exterior doors and windows.

Lawn care

Fertilize and Weed n’ Feed the lawn quarterly and make sure it is watered adequately. When the irrigation system is running, check all sprinkler heads provide complete coverage of the lawn.

Smoke detector

Change smoke/fire detector batteries and test them by pressing the button briefly.
Provided by Oliver Overton-Morgan, Orlando property manager with Morgan Property Solutions.

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