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Your House may be High on the customer Wish List This HOLIDAYS

Around this time around each year,|every year -- Finish OF URL SHORTENER Switch --> Around this time around, many homeowners opt to wait until following the holidays to market their houses. Similarly, other people who curently have their homes in the marketplace remove their listings before planting season. Let’s unpack the very best factors why selling your home now, or trying to keep it out there...

Holiday Travels, go to holidays without worrying about your property with us

Holiday Travel Advice from Orlando Property Manager

Oliver Overton-Morgan with Morgan Property Solutions is a property manager with over 14 years experience. Here are his tips for your home when traveling over the holidays. The last thing you want if you’re traveling is to worry about someone burglarizing your home. Use this checklist to add some peace of mind while you’re out of town. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to pick up mail, newspaper and...

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