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Your House may be High on the customer Wish List This HOLIDAYS

Around this time around each year,|every year -- Finish OF URL SHORTENER Switch --> Around this time around, many homeowners opt to wait until following the holidays to market their houses. Similarly, other people who curently have their homes in the marketplace remove their listings before planting season. Let’s unpack the very best factors why selling your home now, or trying to keep it out there...

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Home Builder Self confidence Hits All-Time Record

Last week,|week -- Ending OF URL SHORTENER Press button --> Last,} the National Association of House Builders (NAHB) reported their Housing Market Index (HMI) hit an all-time high on the 35-year history of the series with a score of 83. The index gauges builder perceptions of present single-family home purchase and sales objectives for another six months, plus the traffic of prospective customers of new...

Rent or Buy – The cost of paying for a Home

Orlando property manager Devinee Overton-Morgan with Morgan Property Solutions discusses owing a home versus renting. No matter if you rent or purchase a home, you end up end up paying towards the cost of the home. Depending on your situation there may be advantages for one option over the other. Mortgages are usually amortized so that each payment reduces the principal amount owed, so that the loan...

Make your Orlando real estate nest egg

Building Your Family’s Wealth And Plan the Next 5 Years

How does your nest egg look right now? Perhaps it is it non-existent or looking empty... well don't worry because you can do something about that by making it a priority in your life to start investing. Morgan Property Solutions, orlando property manager believes the next 5 years is vital to your success and investing in property will give you a huge leap forward.   Over the next five years,...

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Home Prices: Where Will They Be in 5 Years?

Looking into your financial future does not have to be burdensome, says Orlando property manager and REALTOR Devinee Overton-Morgan. The current trend on real estate shows prices continuing to increase and building American family's wealth. Today, real estate conversations tend to focus on housing prices and where they may be headed. That is why we like the Home Price Expectation Survey. Every...

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