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{Actually|Also|Perhaps|Possibly} if Benjamin Franklin never actually {utilized|applied|employed} the expression "{a cent} saved {is really a} penny earned", {the truth is} that {it's been} a sentiment for frugality {for years and years}.  He did say: "{Avoid} little expenses; {{a little} leak will sink {an excellent} ship.|{a little} leak shall sink {an excellent} ship.}"  {At {the finish} of...

Measuring Square Footage

Square footage is commonly used to determine if a home will fit a potential buyer's needs.   The price per square foot may be used to compare the costs of different homes as well as, determine the value of a property. The challenge is what is the source of the particular square footage measurement and how has been it done. Region records use square footage to find out assessed value for property...

5 Powerful Reasons to Own Instead of Lease

Owning a home provides great financial benefits. In a recent research paper, Homeownership as well as the American Dream , Laurie H. Goodman and Christopher Mayer from the Urban Land Institute explained: “Homeownership appears to help borrowers accumulate housing plus nonhousing wealth in a variety of ways, with taxes advantages, greater financial...

Minimizing or eliminating capital gains taxes

During the recession, some homeowners elected to rent their home rather than sell it for less than it was worth. Many of these people have used our Orlando property management services. Now that the market is improving, the IRS allows for a temporary rental of a principal residence without losing your capital gains tax benefits. To qualify, during the five year period ending on the date of the sale, the...

invest in real estate says orlando property manager

Sooner is Better than Later to Invest

Many people believe investing is a word used by the wealthy and is beyond them. Orlando property manager, Oliver Overton-Morgan with Morgan Property Solutions, says that is a poor mentality to have. Start making it your goal to invest today and you will be thankful years down the line, when you will wonder, why didn't I start this sooner? Buyers who have delayed purchasing a home due to concerns about...

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