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Interior Condensation Solutions

Condensation occurs {once the} air has {an excessive amount of} moisture in it {that is} felt as {higher|large|substantial|excessive|great} humidity.  {The {drinking water|normal water} deposits on various {areas|floors} that are cooler {compared to the} air itself.|The water deposits on {numerous|different|several} surfaces {which are} cooler than the {oxygen} itself.}  {A number...


Floor care & how to remove Stains

Stains are familiar to orlando property management company Morgan Property Solutions. "We deal with this situation from time to time" says Oliver Overton-Morgan, principal Broker and orlando property manager. Whether it’s a splash of salad dressing, a drop of barbeque sauce, or a full assault of coffee, stains happen. They happen to the cautious as well as the careless and usually when we least expect...

Dripping Dollars

Orlando Property manager Oliver Overton-Morgan loves to save money! Here he discusses ways to helps conserve on your water bill... Conserving water to be green while lowering your monthly bill to save more "green" is a beautiful combination. Little things like this can contribute significantly to a large water bill. Leaky faucets can waste over 1,000 gallons a year Leaky toilets can waste 7,000...

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